02 October, 2008

Nokia Kenya- Research Centre's !

Nokia cellphones are just ideal!!!I have been an ardent fan of Nokia phones ever since i owned a mobile phone.If you are like me you probably cherish the 3310(most Kenyans first phone apart from Alcatel...remember those phones?) which were readily famed in the Kenya in the late 1990's.I owned one until thieves decided to raid our house in Ongata Rongai and we had to throw our phones over the window to stave them off.So the news that Nokia was opening Research and Development(R&D)offices in Kenya was great news!

The R& D offices will aid Nokia company to design products and services that are relevant and tailor made for the local users.According to a KBC interview of Jussi Impio "As of April 1, 2007, Nokia had R&D centers in 11 countries and employed 14,500 people in research and development, representing approximately 32% of Nokia's total workforce. The R& D centres expenses totaled EUR 3,9 billion in 2006, representing 9,5% of Nokia's net sales. It is apparently seen that Nokia invests a substantial portion of its resources in research and development activities within its principal business groups; Mobile Phones, Multimedia and Enterprise Solutions, Technology Platforms, and in the Nokia Research Center (NRC).Certainly consumers appreciate receiving such attention and care.

Nokia Pilots:
To buttress this position Nokia has only recently launched its online Nokia Pilots recruitment initiative to enable it gather vital information from its consumers.the Nokia pilots programe enables individuals to have a unique opportunity to get involved in Nokia's creative processes.Nokia Pilots Subcribers also get the rare opportunity to sneak peek the latest trends and a chance to see get some of their feedback and suggestions implemented.In yesterdays news(see YouTube Video)Nokia Kenya launched an initiative to help Kenyan Musicians tap into their potential and identify development opportunities using mobile technology.

We now look foward to the positive contributions that Kenyan R&D centres and Nokia Pilots will bring to Africa where mobile telecommunication is rapidly bridging the development divide!

NB: if you are interested in purchasing the latest mobile phones within Kenyan/East African region including the Nokia E71 see the following links: http://mea.nokia.com/english , OR Kenya's first online shopping mall at http://ke.gadgetsguru.com/index.aspx


  1. Thanks for the info. I'm Samsung damu but I've always said I'll try a different phone. My first phone was a Siemens and after that for some reason I keep buying samsungs. Not that i change phones a lot.

    Maybe that's the same reason I'm still on Safaricom a whole week after Zein introduced the cheapest calling rates.

    Alcatel and Nokia 3310 Lol. 3310 is still around I know someone with it. But it was so heavy! There was also another one Ericson I think T190 or something. It had a little flap.

  2. i like this blogsite. continue with the good work

  3. I can't send or receive sms updates on my mobile phone from twitter. how do u get this thing to work if you're in kenya?

  4. OH SO SAD YOUR ONE GOT STOLEN. Lovely review and picks' ALSO ..
    I AM A GREAT FAN OF Kanda bongo Man and am desperate to get hold of the lyrics of his song Bili..Can't find them anywhere.

  5. i have had a nokia phone since 2004. it has sentimantal value but i need to get a new phone with the latest features. my question is does nokia take old phone and replace with a new one of choice for a price or is selling my precious phone at a throw away price the only option i have.



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