15 October, 2008

Contribute to Blog Action Day-Eradicate Poverty

Today is 15 October, 2008 and blog action day is here with us...I am prompted to think of an effective way to contribute to the wellbeing of others especially the less fortunate.My contribution shall not only be verbal or written(i.e via a post) but as the name suggests it will be actual.

Well since i came to know of this call to bloggers to participate in blog action i was prompted to think of what contribution can i make and what will i write about.My mind was so engrossed but i realized that each one of us can do more to alleviate the suffering of the next person round the corner.One effective way is to rid your house of "clutter "or other items that we can so verily do without so i donated my baby's crib to a charity. I also did away with some clothes that i rarely wear and for blog action day i will be donating away a pram! I know that it may not be a basic need for someone right now..but it can be sold and the money may prove pretty useful.

Sometimes for us to be effective we may just be required to touch the lives of the next person or our immediate neighbour.While donating to a reputable charity may be ideal but reality is that in Africa poverty is all around us! We all have an immediate role to play in ensuring that those who are worse off live better lives and what it takes is sacrifice:So if you are an African blogger conscientiously sacrifice something to improve the livelihoods of those near you...and there are innumerable ways to do so..from donating your time, money, resource, clutter attention to this worthy cause.Get rid of your clutter and take your stand against poverty!


  1. an excellent point.

    for my part, i turn to sites like freerice, kiva, and goodsearch, as ways to help alleviate poverty online.

    saw this post via the front page of blog action day. it's great that you're participating. :)

  2. Very inspiring. I want to read about it tom please!

  3. Good for you! Freecycle is a great place to find people locally you'd like to share items with.

  4. Great post! I am glad that you decided to join in on Blog Action Day 08.



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