18 July, 2014

Netherlands/Dutch Response to Malysian Flight MH17 Crash

An international conflict with complex dynamics may just be looming as the World awaits for Netherlands official response to the downing of a Malaysian commercial Airline Flight MH17  near the Eastern Ukrainian /Russian Border. The plane was heading from Amsterdam en route to Malaysia. At present no one has claimed responsibility but its clear that the downing of the plane was a deliberate effort in a highly volatile region where some pro Russian separatists have been battling the Ukrainian Government.

What compounds the equation is that this was a commercial flight on an ordinary and unrestricted airspace .Further it is presumed ,according to some US Military analysts that both the Ukrainian Military or the Separatists lack the technological might to have downed the plane at  the Altitude of 30,000 feet(10 Kilometers) which is the point at which the plane went down.The begging question on the international arena is was Russian military hardware used? Now that confounds the whole Ukraine/Russia crisis that has dogged the region over the past few Months.Russia claims the Government(Ukrainian) over which the event occurred should bear responsibility.

International Response:

The biggest loss however is the Dutch republic as the passenger list is reported to have comprised of 154 Dutch, 27 Australians, 38 Malaysians - including 15 crew, 11 people from Indonesia, four Germans, four Belgians, three from the Philippines and one Canadian. The Dutch Prime Minister is yet to respond officially but is jetting back  to his Country from a summit in Brussels obviously to consult widely before issuing their official response.As the biggest loser in terms of human lives their response will be quite telling of what angle this event may take in the international arena.

Australian PM Tony Abbott has called for  a binding resolution through the UN security council for a "full and impartial investigation" of the "crime scene and that the perpetrators "be brought to Justice"

US president Obama has employed a cautious approach stating that they will first establish whether American Citizens were aboard the airplane.This may just inform their next move but in the preliminary they are  offering support and investigation support to the Ukrainian Government.

The Vice Presidents Joe Bidden response is as below in this YouTube Video :

As this whole issue develops and morphs and the diplomatic ramifications begin to emerge one cant help but note that World Peace and Security over the last decade has proved to be quite volatile with Global Terrorism, regional Conflicts and violent regime changes taking centerpiece.

Are the ideals of the UN still relevant and has the creation of that body over the past century enhanced World Peace and Security? The events that continue to occur worldwide are a score sheet for that international agency.

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