24 July, 2014

Air Algerie Flight AH5017 Goes Missing Over Northern Mali

An Algerian Airplane Flight AH5017 has gone missing over Mali.This has raised fears of a possible crash  due to the  weather conditions and the volatile conditions in the area due to civil strife and armed conflict in the region.This has come shortly after the Air Malaysia crash in Ukraine raising concerns in the international airline industry as to the safety of passenger airplanes especially in conflict regions.
(see  News Clip below)

While its too early to speculate clearly the safety of international airlines needs to be looked afresh.

In present day age and technology its simply incomprehensible to fathom how a Jumbo Jet can simply disappear hours on end without the slightest trace of where the same may be whereas with simple modern day satellite gps tracking systems one can pinpoint the exact location of a motor vehicle within fraction of a second.Clearly something is amiss!

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