09 July, 2014

Just A Band -Probably For Lovers Video !

The hit maker "Just a Band" have released a NEW VIDEO  on Youtube entitled Probably For Lovers that is set to go viral.The video song has all the hallmarks of a video that will go viral online with a catchy tune and especially appealing societal theme featuring people of various backgrounds miming the catchy lyrics.Once again they have released the video song exclusively online in an apparent move to appeal to their online fan base again.

Just A Band are remembered for the 2009 viral video "Makmende" which had a Global appeal and cast the group into the international limelight.Their latest song has a happy "sing to it appeal "and has been mostly shot by their mobile phones.This may just be their second big hit after an apparent 'visible absence' in the local entertainment scene.The video has been contrived by asking fans to submit their videos for  inclusion into the video .Will the Probably For Lovers Video replicate their earlier success.The Jury and verdict will be online!

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