27 February, 2012

Travel Wild Medical Tours Partners with Benzy Healthcare for Medical Tourism

I have just received this press release but before i post it,my mind juggled on the idea: "Medical Tourism" by definition the word tourism conjures up the idea commercialization,leisure and relaxation .So can there be anything as medical tourism???The press release however highlights some truth about the high costs of medical treatment in Kenya as compared to India and other Countries and so the article may prove useful...but i find the idea of medical tourism disturbing, just my two cents....

Travel Wild Medical Tours Partners with Benzy Healthcare for Medical Tourism
Providing an end-to-end solution for medical patients going to India for treatment, with reduced costs and peace of mind for patients.

Travel Wild Medical Tours and Benzy Healthcare have teamed up to provide ultimate solution for patients looking to travel to India for medical treatment.  Travel Wild Medical Tours has begun working with doctors in Nairobi, allowing their patients to choose from a number of treatment options in India.  With a network of over 200 hospitals and more than 10,000 doctors in India, Kenyan patients can select a treatment plan within their budget.  Treatments are available for heart diseases, respiratory ailments, bone treatment, cosmetic surgery, dental treatment, general health check-ups and more.

With Travel Wild Medical Tours, every patient is taken care of from the time they leave their home until the time they return.  Patients are picked up from their homes and transported to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.  Upon arrival in India they are met by a Benzy Healthcare representative and transported either directly to their pre-selected hospital or to their pre-arranged accommodation in India.  Return flight, visa acquisition, medical treatment, accommodation in India, and all transfers are covered so that every patient has peace of mind when travelling abroad for their medical treatment.

Travel Wild Medical Tours has also worked in cooperation with Kenya Airways to develop a new ‘Medical Package’ that will greatly reduce the cost of flights for patients.

“We are filling a desperate need for patients in Kenya.  I have heard countless stories of patients travelling to India without knowing which hospital to go to, which doctors to see, or even where to get a hotel room,” stated Adam Rector, Marketing Manager for Travel Wild Medical Tours.  “Now patients have the full support of staff in Kenya and India to help them throughout the treatment process and patients will know all of the costs involved before they leave Kenya.”

“The number of patients coming into India increases each year because of our excellent facilities and doctors.  The cost savings compared to the USA, the UK, and South Africa are tremendous.  We wanted to create a hassle-free way for Kenyans to travel to India for medical treatment and we have achieved that goal with this partnership,” stated Vasco Noronha, Head of Inbound Operations for Benzy Healthcare.

Medical tourism into India has become increasingly popular in the last decade.  Worldwide, the medical tourism industry has grown from $40 billion in 2004 to over $100 billion today.  It is estimated that the medical tourism industry in India alone will account for $2.2 billion in 2012. According to a recent study, treatment costs in India were on average 80% less than costs in the United States, 74% less than costs in the UK, and 20% less than costs in Singapore.

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