08 February, 2012

Resurgent Clashes in Parts of Kenya(Editorial)

It is clearly disturbing to see pockets of clashes erupting in certain parts of the Country such as Moyale and Baringo especially now as the Country heads towards an election period.Equally disturbing is the fact that the current coalition Government was established with an express mandate to address "the recurrent" and "deep seated and longstanding conflicts" amongst the Kenyan people(See the Preamble of the National Accord and Reconciliation Act text).

Interestingly ,the collective Kenyan conscience/populace often treats the media reports with little or no concern so long as a relative or friend is not involved and so long as the flares happen in a part of the Country that one is not acquainted and least bothered with.But if 2008 is anything to go by these small flares should be treated with utmost seriousness as they depict a psyche among the populace that needs to be changed and addressed.

The Government fails in that it can instigate a war against the Al Shabaab and channel its machinery and resources to that war when a few foreigners are abducted whereas on a daily basis  the media reports of Kenyans loosing their life over conflict on resources and politically instigated boundary issues. It stands to reason that the real threat against Kenyans is domestic-Kenyans themselves and the Government ought not to entertain even at the least bit such altercations and the persons provoking ,arming and financing the different tribesmen involved in those clashes. That is not a request but is essentially the reason for the existence of the current Government;to the extent that they are unable to quickly and effectively resolve this issue to that extent they fail!

This year it should not be business as usual -the Government should not only exhibit the power to stem this occurrences but also demonstrate to all and sundry its will to do so.On the other hand the Citizens also have the primary obligation to demonstrate that they are beyond politics of violence, racism and tribalism and they are not simply pushed by every wind and whim of influence to do the bidding of selfish leaders who lack hindsight ,foresight and basic wisdom!
(see news items 1. 3. 4 )

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