02 February, 2011

Nokia C6-00 On Tour !

 It is with  no doubt that i love Nokia Phones one reason being the quality assurance in most of their phones.To be honest enough i prefer the Nokia C6-00 to most of the high end user phones such as the N8.Why ? first and foremost is the QWERTY keyboard as opposed to the touch screen which makes it easier to use and its stability.

In December 2010 i was asked to review the C6 on behalf of Nokia, being a holiday month i was curious about its multimedia functionalities and honestly i loved some of them.

As usual , i will not regurgitate information that you can readily find at the Nokia C6-00 website but rather i will point you out to salient features that i found "impressive" and "not so impressive" about the phone.

Operating System:
The phone has a descent screen interface with a 640 x 360 (nHD) resolution. As opposed to the N8 Symbian^3 platform the C6 runs on the Symbian 5th edition operating system.While the former is supposed to be an improvement; from use i realised that i could run several web based applications without the C6  crushing or restarting, cannot say the same about the latter.That was a plus sign for this simple phone , it may lack the N8's capacity but its an easier phone to operate(what i call plug and play) and undoubtedly more stable.
The C6-00 is more or less like an N8 stripped off certain functionalities and for its price range i would view it more economical. The C6 is set to hit the local market this February 2011 or soon thereabout however you can access one at Midcom stores at the price of Kenya Shillings 21, 850/=
Battery Consumption: 
The C6-00 is also conservative on battery power consumption, a good charge will last you at least 3 days  despite normal to occasional heavy usage.To this end it performs better than many smart phones of similar caliber.The interface/home screen is also easy to navigate and is heavy with integrated  Social Media applications.


 The C6-00 has a perfect 5 Mega Pixel Camera featuring an integrated LED flash.A newer version of the  Nokia C6-01 has an 8 mega pixel Camera with a Dual Led flash.This just goes to indicate that Nokia is strategically positioning  itself in the market as the Camera Phone industry Leader .In comparison with other operating software's Nokia performs dismally however its phone features often are the main selling points.

It is in reviewing the phone i focused  specifically on this aspect and took several amateur photos at the Coast (Mombasa)

  • The C6-00 however comes short on disc space with  a paltry 2GB Micro SD card expandable to 16 GB, Internal Memory  200MB
  • The Inbuilt radio should have been omitted altogether. First and foremost its auto tuning function leaves much to be desired and hardly tunes in to weak to moderate FM radio signal. The earphones also leave much to be desired.
The C6-00 comes with  the traditional Nokia Goods Ovi Store,downloadable  Ovi Maps ...etc .I am sure it will be favourite with many who desire the N8 but cant quite match up with the price tag.

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