03 February, 2011

Kenyans Take To Twitter :#choosepeace, #Kenya28Feb

Its amazing how the internet is readily proving to be an instrument for organizing and coalescing mass action and mass expression . Following the Tunisian and Egyptian protest debacle on the social media site Twitter, Kenyans are coming up with their own rival protests under the following hashtags:

  • #Kenya28Feb calling upon Kenyans to voice their discontent with the going ons in the political establishment.
  • #ChoosePeace calling on other Kenyans not to follow the ongoing trend of mass protests and disgruntlement, as has been witnessed in the Egyptian protests.
This trending development is of interest to many pundits as it impacts on the role of social media in voicing discontent, mobilization of mass protests in real time , freedom of expression and whether Governments should take an increasing role in policing , monitoring and or regulation of social media.Will  perhaps the present developments result in greater Government scrutiny of Social media?How that turns out a wait and see approach may be best at the moment.

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