22 February, 2011

Latest on The New Zealand Earthquake

A 6.3 Richter Scale Earthquake has hit the island of New Zealand at around 12:45 P.M  leaving an estimated 65 people dead in its aftermath.This is perhaps one of the worst earthquakes to be experienced in the region in the recent pasts. It seems there is no respite for this death dealing kind of earthquakes especially coming only a year after the 2010 Haiti Earthquake.

Such disasters prompt me to think is Kenya really prepared as a Country to handle such large scale Disasters or do we continue to engage ourselves in petty politics, sometimes even playing God with little or no concern for the interests and safety of the vast populations.Kenyan Politicians be ware you are as puny as the ants and the more you play out selfish interests the more you imperil the lives of the Citizens. My sincere condolences to the victims of the New Zealand Earthquake.

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