10 November, 2010

Safaricom New Advert "Niko Na Safaricom"

Many Kenyans are finding the new Safaricom  television advert impressive. It goes without mention that the filming of the advert must have cost the leading mobile telecommunication industry player quite some money.The  costly advert features   the majestic hills at  Suguta Valley south of Lake Turkana , the Longonot Crater  among other mountains and scenic locations of Kenya with a Safaricom choir singing an emotive and captivating themed song "Niko Na Safaricom " sang by a live choir .(See YouTube Video Below)

The remarkable cinematography behind the advert has raised eyebrows and upped the game a notch higher in the marketing ,advertisement and filmography industry in Kenya.Especially coming hot on the heels of a massive marketing campaign and price war mounted by newly acquired Bharti Airtels " Zain" mobile phone operator. With over 16 Million Subscribers Safaricom aims to retain its leading market share and evoke loyalty from its consumers.Thus the loyalty inducing theme"Niko Na Safaricom. Question is will the marketing campaign prove successful without substantive changes in the pricing structure and quality of services ?(the network often proves to be clogged during peak hours especially during Friday afternoons).

The  appeal of the advert was the gist of a discussion in a popular radio show this morning with much accolades being given to it.However in the online socialsphere the conversation is slightly different from accolades such as seen in the blogpost by TechMtaa   to Facebook conversations as to whether the advert was an original concept or in "kind words" a borrowing of  OR rather a remake of the Qantas :Spirit of Australia Advert (YouTube Video below):

I found this to be quite interesting .Seems Kenyans are so well informed nowadays,again this illustrates why the Big Brands ought to  monitor the social-sphere  for meaningful conversations developing around their brands .But without much ado , the advert perhaps is one of the finest and captivating Kenya has seen in the recent past.

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