05 November, 2010

Google Instant For Mobile Phones

Google Instant for mobile phones currently in beta( the beta version is available to most i Phone and Android devices in the U.S) is set to revolutionize the future of mobile search.The press release at the Google blog and the accompanying video left me ogling at the advanced technology employed. Google Instant will enable users to get relevant search results faster than they can type the query.The speed at which one will get relevant search results while in the Google Mobile Search Engine is absolutely amazing.

Google instant is optimized for 3G and WiFi networks.

Question is what does this portend for mobile marketing and smart phone development?Without doubt the market scenarios are rapidly changing and Google is trying to stay relevant as Facebook.com continues its gallant march .Digital marketing is the future, the rest of the World is indeed eager to experience the worldwide launch of Google Instant for mobile.

The pc based Google Instant page can be accessed here :googleInstant 

1 comment:

  1. I purchased an Iphone 4 from this unlocked cell phones online store and I can't wait to see Google Instant in action there. Although most people despised Instant when it launched online, I think Google Instant (especially the predictive text feature) serves the mobile users better. It's harder to type in a mobile phone afterall.



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