17 November, 2010

Google Hotpot Search Review

It is openly manifest that Google is faced with an uphill task with the rise of social media websites such as Facebook and Foursquare. Google Hotpot ,Google's recently launched new service is an indication of its struggle to remain relevant in a rapidly changing market where search is not the prime commodity.

Google Hotpot smartens up local search by allowing users to recommend and rate places and locations.It introduces a social sharing element whereby users within a community can be able to see ones ratings and reviews.

Hotpot Recommendation Engine monitors ones online behavioral habits with respects to location searches and offers customized suggestion of places one may find useful.One can use Google Hotpot to check in to a location.The algorithm in use also monitors friends like in order to come up with a like minded suggestion.Google "hotspot" sic {hotpot} allows users to create an entirely separate  account from their Google or Gmail account in order to enable users have control on how their recommendations appear online to the public.

Will Google Hotpot remain relevant and prove successful?A wait and see approach seems to be the best option at the moment  but since the service seems to imitate the likes of already established and rapidly expanding Foursquare, i would not bet on it but the reality is that  its us the users who will determine that !
 (see screenshot below)

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  1. I'd argue the opening paragraph is a bit melodramatic. Google's revenue from search alone is over 5 times that of all the big social networks combined. The current focus on 'social everything' is a fad that will pass and only leave one or two institutions behind - facebook looking the most likely.

    The reality is, all the different takes on social networking do not satisfy a real need. Facebook does to an extent - it helps you stay in touch with real world friends - so it is more likely to live on, and ultimately take over what's left of the social space with its Like button and recently announced messaging. Search died as a craze years ago, but Google continues to make billions a year off it. When people realize they don't care about being imaginary mayors of places and the social craze passes, all these Gowallas and Foursquares will be nowhere to be seen.

    Whether it's getting boring or not, search is a real need that will be relevant for the forseeable future, and Google have an immense grip on it. Search is a raging fire, social is a flash in the pan.



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