12 May, 2010

Apsense Online Business Social Network

Apsense is an online business social network where users get paid to come together to share their small business.The site is steadily gaining popularity among Business users Worldwide and is definately a start up to watch when it comes to Social Media Marketing.

The site is a web 2.0 enabled social network that promotes and facilitates the exchange of business networks by providing tools for users to easily communicate, create interest groups and build their own private social networks. Since the advent of the internet it is imperative that Businesses build an online presence in order to tap into the wider internet market that has steadily developed over the years.

African businesses need to utilize social networks such as Myspace or Facebook in order to build a steady presence online.Unfortunately many Africans Businesspersons lack the technical know-how to utilize the internet,some lack the knowledge and some are simply disinterested in online marketing. I believe the African Governments should do more to encourage local Businesses to build an online presence and to take advantage of social media marketing.


Apsense offers different tools that can assist African Business to among many other things:
  •  Build Business Contacts.
  • Generate Traffic for Business Websites.
  • Create own Personal Social Networks.
  • Create an online Business Center
  • Create Discussions, Online Buzz about Product Launches or customer feedback.
  • Generate income in the process of carrying out the above activities.

To visit the site and find out more of how it may be relevant  to you or your businness please visit :

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