11 May, 2010

Shakira's ZaminaMina Official World Cup Song Remix

If there is a song that has comedic effect and that has received wide airplay in Africa is the 1986 hit song"Zamina Mina " by the group Golden Sounds which was renamed "Zangalewa" due to the popularity of the song.The song is now again receiving wide airplay thanks to a remix by celebrity musician 'Shakira". The new Zamina Mina (This Time for Africa )song has been chosen by FIFA and Sony Music as one of the official songs for World Cup 2010 to be held in South Africa. Shakira will  perform the song with the famous South African band Freshlyground.Unfortunately Sony have removed the song from YouTube citing copyright issues.

The catchy chorus of the song entertained us much in the 1980's and still catches my attention.The Chorus goes like :
Zaminamina hé hé
Waka waka eh eh
Zaminamina zangalewa
Ana wam ah ah
However a storm is brewing over  the song around the blogosphere, the Telegraph of UK features an Article that expresses the disappointment by South African fans.In the World2010Cup News website readers are postulating different but interesting arguments over the World Cup song stating that it could have as well been sang by the Original Band or an African Artiste. To some extent i concur, her chorus is just "too Mzungu".A World Cup song for Africa originally done by Africans could have been done better by Africans...The Somali born K'Naan's song "Waving the Flag "testifies to this.So what is your pick on this?


  1. I can see why the South Africans would appreciate an African band - and maybe this desire on their part will encourage bands to write more songs to compete with Shakira's. The more songs they can get on the radio/Internet, the more attention those bands will get while the world watches the soccer matches. I really like Shakira's song in Spanish better than in English, but the African sound is what I like best about both versions. I look forward to hearing whatever the various African bands create!

  2. The Official FIFA World Cup 2010 Song 'Waka Waka' by Shakira has already been released on 28th April 2010 and the song is now available in video format too. The song video is said to have a terrific feel and make you dance and sing along with it.



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