08 July, 2008

New Bold Standard Newspaper-relaunched!

Traditional news media is morphing in response to changing technological advances.The East African Standard was yesterday relaunched in a fun filled ostentatious occasion at the Tamarind owned Carnivore Restaurant in Langata.The occasion which was graced by the Honorable Prime Minister-Raila Odinga among ,members of the diplomatic community,members of the business community among others culminated in a fireworks display and the presentation of an award to the Prime Minister for his galant and consistent efforts in championing press freedom!

The newly revamped paper is being guided by a new mantra "Fairness,Justice & Prosperity".Among the new features apart from the layout,design is that the online version of the newspaper features an interactive blog section where members of the public can have their say and contribute their opinion on the content.This is indeed a bold move in the right direction.We welcome them to the unhibited world of blogging!

Unlike Nation online, the Standard does not limit its readership with a paid up premium content.That is already advantage and for sure the Standard Newspaper will continue to be the premier source of news and information.The revamped edition including the Standard website will attract more readership base.Its time the daily Nation (Nation Media Group Kenya)took cue and allowed users access to its premium content at no cost, this will greatly impact its readership base and generate massive online advertisement sales!At the moment they are just limiting themselves .

I believe that this was not just a re branding exercise but a market optimization strategy by the Standard Group!These is quite some achievement and proper stewardship by the Standard Group Deputy Chairman/Strategy Adviser Mr Paul Melley and the Managing Director, Mr Paul Wanyagah. We wish them all the best!The challenge for the East Standard now is to remain objective and politically neutral-will that ever happen in Kenya???


  1. That's nice friend... Hope that this newspaper will create a new revolution in news world... I like that Fairness, Justice.... Keep in touch in my blog Mr. Collins.. See you soon in my blog...

  2. Hello there. I am wondering how you got you blog to have multiple pages. Please share.

  3. hi john b, my template is from blogcrowds, you can find information from the site on how to customize your blog template

  4. Blog Template. I got the idea of Blogcrowds from this blog too. Like many other blogging tricks I've learnt.

    The new Standard is very cool. It's so packed with information it's now clear the standard will be quite a force. Like today they have some very nice pages and articles on African Decor and some powerful women in Real Estate plus lots of other cool stories. Generally the quality of the read and the layout and colour are way better than before.

    Kudos Standard. I agree too it's time the Nation took out that premium thing. It's quite a put off.

  5. Yap, their new look is definitely much better and more aesthetically pleasing to the eye than the old one. I just wish they could go a step further and overhaul their journalism, which in my opinion leaves a whole lot to be desired.



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