10 July, 2008

Mars Group Org-Kenya's Online Ombudsman!!!

In this post i would like to recognize and acknowledge perhaps the most influential blog in Kenya that is: Mwalimu Mati's Media Analysis and Research Group (Mars group Org) website for its gallant efforts to fight, expose and sensitize the online public against the biggest threat to Kenya's social coherence and development to wit: CORRUPTION!!!!

Very little is known or is available about the biography of Mwalimu Mati except for his efforts, bravery and frequent expose' on corruption especially during his hey days as the Executive Director of Transparency International before some concerted effort were made to oust him on allegations of graft.He has had brushes with the law, its enforcement officers and even engaged top ministers in the current and previous Government on their corrupt dealings.He exposes corruption for the vice that it really is, an enemy of society, frequently puts himself in harms way to ensure that the ordinary Mwananchi's rights, freedoms and possessions are safeguarded by the high and mighty!Mwalimu Mati and his comrades educate the lay public on issues of law that they hardly know its import such as " the irrevocable promissory notes",Quite selfless in his approach and his website is ingenious in addressing the issue of corruption by public authorities.He may not have been appointed by the executive or the legislature but his role as an online ombudsman far exceeds statutory bodies such as the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission, though the latter continues to rake in so much funding from the central Government with little to show for it!

True to its adage "watching out for you"Mars Group Org has been relentless in ensuring it watches out for Kenyan Civil Liberties and freedom.The website frequently publishes reports on corruption such as Ndungu Land Commission Report, Kroll Report, extracts from Wiki leaks,Githongo's Dossier on Anglo Leasing etc...The blog also has an interactive column where members of the public air their opinion, media clips are uploaded,a cartoon column gives corruption a human face, and of course subscribers get regurlar email updates.Mars group is right on -on its spotlight on corruption. While very little is known/atleast available online with regards to Mwalimu Mati one thing is certain ;he is a true defender of public interest Kudos to him!


  1. Hi Collins,
    I join you in applauding Mwalimu Mati and MARS group for their valiant inputs to the national discourse. Some of their exposes are so shocking one would momentarily feel like being in a movie theatre. I'm particularly impressed by the man's ability to sift through issues without engaging in personality sideshows. The kind of disposition we all ought to emulate in order to build institutions rather idolize our leaders. I dare say we would be better off empowering MARS constitutionally and getting rid off the expensive farce that is KACC.

    I just hope Mwalimu Mati has no ambitions for political office. He's perfectly suited for the watchdog role from which we are bound to gain more than from three parliaments combined.

    The revelations about section 53B's delete/undelete is an absolute shocker.

  2. Thanks Hlumiti for recognizing mwalimu mati, i hope other bloggers will use this comment space to give him tribute

  3. MARS is a really great site. Mwalimu puts in a lot of hard work and his reports are A+, and shame big-budget KACC



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