08 December, 2012

International Human Rights Day 2012 ; "My Voice Counts"

On Monday 10th December, 2012 Human Rights enthusiasts worldwide will be observing the annual International Human Rights Day held each year on December 10 since 10 December 1948 when the United Nations(UN) General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which sets out the international standard for promotion and protection of enjoyment of human rights.This years theme is: "My Voice Counts".

This theme focuses on an individuals right to inclusion and participation in public life, emphasizing the right of every individual to voice their opinion and take part in public discourse and decision-making processes.
This right has especially been amplified with the rise and emergence of the internet as a platform for communication and expression across the global divide.

According to a press release of the Internet Society Organization "This year's theme offers a great opportunity to reflect on the open and global Internet as a tool which has the potential to shape a society in a way that is more tuned to the needs and aspirations of its constituents"As part of their engagement on Human Rights Day, they are inviting you to make your voice heard and join them on several of the following initiatives:

  •   Join the Thunderclap campaign to send out a single message to the world on Twitter and Facebook on Monday 10 December by using the hash tag Make your #VoiceCount on Twitter
  •  Visit the website:     www.internetsociety.org/humanrightsday
  • On 10 December at 2:30pm UTC, the Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights (OHCHR) will host a Google+ Hangout for #VoiceCount Human Rights Day. Together with other participants, High Commissioner Navi Pillay will discuss issues related to inclusion and the right to participate in public  life. We invite you to participate and raise Internet related issues during the discussion. You can also send questions to the OHCHR in advance to #AskRights. 
The Right and freedom to express oneself is an invaluable right, indicate your appreciation for this Right by making "Your Voice Count" .Participate in whichever way possible for you in this years "International Human Rights Day"

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