07 March, 2012

Savouring Mediterranean Cruises !

Cruises are increasingly becoming a favourite past time for tourists and travel lovers and that is with good cause.I watched this feature film on Natgeo abot this luxury cruise liner and i was just moved to write on this....Want to savour the flavours, culture and history that embody the entire Western World welcome to the Mediterranean Cruises. Experience Europe’s greatest cities and finest resorts along the sun-baked coastal lines of France, Italy, Spain and Greece as you enjoy splendid art, tasty food and the best wine.

Although there are ships sailing throughout the year the prime season for Mediterranean Cruises is from April through October. Among the things you can do on a Mediterranean Cruise is to disembark in Italy and visit Venice with the romantic granola ride on the Grand Canal. Enjoy the beautiful seaside landscapes and the Grand Casino in Monte Carlo the wealthiest city in France. Visit the Greek Islands and experience the colourful white-washed villages on the Mykonos Island with medieval streets, gorgeous beaches and fascinating ancient ruins.

Some of the luxuriant, fun and some inexpensive cruise lines include: the Carnival Mediterranean cruise that departs from Barcelona, the Celebrity cruise Line which is the best premium cruise line, the Costa Mediterranean Cruise which offer a value fun-priced cruise, the Princess Cruises which focuses on the longer cruises along the Greek Isles. The Crystal Cruise Line which has 2 luxury ships sailing from March to December; the lavish Seabourn Cruise Line that has a yatch with unmatched level of service among others. 

Take the Mediterranean cruise and wake up each morning to a new world while relaxing in the comfort of your very own floating resort.

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