06 March, 2012

Holiday Season -Do's and Donts


 It’s almost holiday time yet again and you must be busy packing your bags in preparation to visit your dream holiday destination(if you are having doubts where to go-you can look online there are a couple of website that have exciting destinations for your holidays ). Traveling during holiday season can be stressful, expensive and complicated to say the least. So if you are planning to head out for holiday, here are some tips of things to do and those to avoid while undertaking your preparations:

Do plan ahead: It sounds obvious but many people go crazy because procrastinating and doing everything at the last minute. Book in advance for the best hotels and resorts; get started many months in advance which will even allow you to get the best hotels at the best deal. If you are using a bus or taking a flight book early to save the agony of high fare prices and the stress of choosing seats especially if you are traveling with your family.

Do save for the future: Many people go on holiday and spend all they got, when they are back reality checks in; bills to pay, tuition fees to pay, it all negates the fun and relaxing you have had during the holiday. Always save for later look for holiday destinations that are within your budget, book early, look out for special offers and only carry what you need for the holiday.

Do follow the health advice: Make sure you are up to date on all immunization if you are visiting areas that may be deemed as infected. You may need inoculations depending on the specific area you intend to visit.

Do plan for the journey: If you are driving plan for the journey, make sure to have stops for leg stretching, toilet breaks, meals and snacks and perhaps an overnight stay if the drive is more than six hours.

Do regular physical activities: Many people add weight after going for holiday, make sure you undertake regular physical exercise even when travelling. Walking is a great exercise and is something you can do on the streets, country road, stairs, beach, even in malls when the weather does not allow you to walk outside.

Do choose wisely what to eat: It is important to plan where you are going to have your meals and what you will eat. Most people get food poisoning during holidays as they do not have a plan of where to eat so they just eat wherever they spot a restaurant. Don’t spoil your holiday plan in advance on where to eat and do not too much, you don’t want extra pounds after the holiday. Carry bottled water always because you don’t want to take contaminated water.
Do say thank you: Though tipping may not be common in many cultures, it is always a custom to thank people who have served us whether in word or in kind. Though the amount you give and who you give may vary, the ground rule is- do more for those who do more for you. You should gauge the tip you offer on your budget and think of also offering gifts instead of money.

Don’t dress inappropriately: When travelling to areas with a predominantly with Muslim culture be sure to carry appropriate dressing. Do not walk nude or topless at the beach, carry light appropriate wear that will not disturb onlookers.

Don’t carry a work cellphone: Holidays is a time to enjoy and relax with your family and friends not a time to answer work emails or handle work related issues. Advice your employer that you will be unavailable and be sure to switch of your phone. You can check your emails once in the day to just update yourself on any matter of importance that may need your attention.

Don’t take pictures without permission: It is important to seek permission before taking photos of buildings or houses that have captured your attention. In some cases you may be required to make a tip after taking the photographs.

Don’t overdrink: This rule appears on every list of holiday party etiquette because many people let loose when on holidays and end up over drinking. If you don’t want to be remembered as the person who sang karaoke on top of the tables; watch your alcohol intake.  

Don’t be showy: Don’t display your valuables to the world this will make you a target for theft. Only carry what you will need for the holiday, don’t carry your 3 cellphones, your laptop, notepad and computer, all your three cameras; you will create attention and be a target.

With those tips enjoy your holiday and remember to carry: a camera, sunscreen, insect repellant, sunglasses, flashlight, toiletries, video camera, brimmed hat, comfortable shoes and don’t forget your travel documents.

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