10 December, 2011

Going For Holiday-Not Mombasa Again !...Discover Egypt

The Holiday season is here! Kenyans are busy planning on where to go for most the options are rather limited -its either upcountry to the Rural Homes or Mombasa! But that can change and it need not be so expensive at it.How about discovering Egypt ...yes and cheaply at it!

Without doubt Egypt and its rich history of being the first ancient civilization and the pharaohs offers tons of sites and interesting places to visit.Now that's Education,Enlightenment and Enjoyment in one package!

Some of the most popular and scenic destinations most frequented in Egypt include:
But the question often is how do you get a reliable travel agent to do the bookings for you and ensure that you not only get value for your money but also trust worthy services? that need not be a bother i have just discovered a website that can assist you do all that online...just go to  http://www.cheapholidays.com/egypt/  and get your Egyptian Adventure of a lifetime on ! Mombasa is just so yesteryear's and the reality is Egypt is affordable.

Cairo in Twilight is so beautiful....thats for sure!

  Challenge yourself this year and go to Egypt....it will be a trip of a lifetime ! Enjoy

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