16 December, 2011

Finding a Credible Translation Agency Online

A friend has just inquired on where he could get a suitable translation and interpretation agency.That inquiry has led me to find out that doing so through a search online may not just yield the best results.Well its true that a simple search will yield dozens of results, but the question often is are they credible,will they yield the intended result?and who really has the time to sift through agencies through trial and error?

As a client often we have different needs and technical requirements when it comes to translation or interpretation .It seems easy to just use Google translate but in practice i have found out that different online translation services translate the same literary work differently with ambiguous meaning and obviously there is no proof reading for such web portals so you cannot completely rely on that. I would recommend Rosetta Worldwide translation services .

Although based in London they have a Worlwide appeal due to several reasons.First they cater to clients according to the technical nature of the services required e.g is it medical, legal, financial or some other technical language then they have the necessary expertise to meet up with that requirement.Their proof readers are also aided by the most sophisticated translation memory and data mining tools. Rosetta are prompt with delivery, have textual consistency and are affordable.

For full details you can visit their website and find out if they just suit your bill.

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