09 March, 2011

Ushahidi Platform Deployed in Cote d'Ivoire Crisis

I feel proud to see the  webmashup Ushahidi Platform deployed in Cote d'Ivoire to crowd-source and map crisis incidences following the 2010 disputed elections and now looming Civil War/Discontent.The Platform has been deployed under the website Wonzomai.com (see screenshot below):

The website is rapidly gaining popularity among the Citizenry of Cote d'Ivoire as Users update via Facebook and Twitter on incidences of violence,events ,humanitarian crises ,unusual occurrences ...etc. The Ushahidi platform was first deployed in Kenya in 2008 following the hotly disputed and contested elections and the violence that followed therafter by a group of Kenyan bloggers and coders.

The original Ushahidi website was used to map incidents of  peace efforts and violence throughout the country based on reports submitted via the web and mobile phones. The website currently has over 45,000 users in Kenya indicating its popularity and the willingness of Citizens to inform the outside World on first hand basis their experiences.The Platform has been deployed in several potentially crisis areas such as Sudan- Darfur region and during the 2011 election, Haiti etc.The success of Ushahidi to me illustrates the positive power of innovation that blogging and citizen journalism can contribute to the development of the emerging information and technology generation.This kind of innovation has the power to rapidly change the economic and social conditions in many of the under developed/Third World Countries.

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