02 March, 2011

Mombasa Road Accidents : Petitioning Nairobi City Council

Have you ever lost a friend ,relative ,colleague ,workmate on Mombasa Road ?(i know i have) Then the following petition should have a personal appeal to you.Kindly sign up and tweet on the petition Construct 5 pedestrian footbridges on Mombasa Road , .The petition can be found at GoPetition.Com

The petition reads:

Background (Preamble):
The sections of Mombasa Road between Capital Centre and Parkside Towers (Zain), and between General Motors and the Nakumatt Embakasi junction have consumed the lives of many pedestrians over the years. While authorities have put up signs asking motorists to slow down, the carnage continues unabated.

With every death on this road is a family left behind mourning in pain, dreams and aspirations suddenly brought to a brutal end, and a bright, promising future destroyed.
We, the undersigned, petition the City Council of Nairobi to construct 5 pedestrian footbridges at the following locations along Mombasa Road: Oil Libya in South C, Parkside Towers, General Motors, the Imara Daima junction and the Nakumatt Embakasi Junction.

Because footbridges with solid concrete slabs on the sides many times provide hide-outs for street families, posing a security challenge for pedestrians and discouraging their use, we petition that these new footbridges have metal grills on the sides so that the goings-on on the footbridges can be visible to all.

For the same reason, we ask that no advertising billboards be erected on the sides of these footbridges to obscure them from the public. Finally, we petition that these footbridges be well-lit at night for ease of use by pedestrians even in darkness.
Kindly sign up and spread the word, blog, tweet ,share. like on Facebook etc so that we can get the critical mass to effect change. Seeing accidents day in and day out and doing nothing about it will not change anything.We must hold the public authorities tasked with our safety accountable and demand they accomplish their mandate after all we do pay taxes .

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