29 October, 2010

Mazda USA Giving a 15 Thousand Dollar Car on Foursquare

Social media never ceases to amaze me.It takes a good investor and a keen eye to fully appreciate the immense opportunities that social media has created for businesses. It is true that social media marketing is hardly anything in Kenya at the moment but things are bound to change, atleast the corporate scene has began to morph in the rescent past but i am more immpressed by how foreign Companies such as Mazda are ingeniously utilizing the online socialsphere to pitch their sales and create brand loaylty.

I was particularly more than amazed when i came across this Foursquare (Twitter on geo-location perspective)campaign by Mazda .I am yet to see a Kenyan Blue Chip Company sales manager make good use of the social media scene to effectively brand and sell their products but the rest of the World is not sleeping!The win a Mazda competition has employed the following rules;

The apricipants/prospective winners have to :

1. Follow Mazda on foursquare

2. Check-in at specific locations to unlock any 2 of the following 3 badges: MAZDA2 Beat Junkie (concerts and music spots), MAZDA2 Style Guru (nightlife haunts, boutiques and fashion events) and MAZDA2 Button Masher (gaming competitions and retailers)

3. Once step 2 is complete you will automatically unlock the special MAZDA2 Inner Driver badge and learn the next, important step to easily qualify to win a brand new MAZDA2 So just follow Mazda, check-in at relevant locations to unlock 2 of the 3 badges (MAZDA2 Button Masher, MAZDA2 Beat Junkie, MAZDA2 Style Guru), earn the Inner Driver badge and follow the next step!'

One noticeable point about the campaign is that it will not only recruit fans but keep the fans engaged as they eagerly watch out for periodical tips that may come via Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook. Mazda's give away illustrates what a successful social media marketing plan should entail ...not just informing the masses or getting the most number of fans on Twitter or facebook but actually continuously engaging the fans.(For more effective tips and techniques/consultations you can email the author at the link provided on the blog)


  1. Some Kenyan companies are taking advantage of social media to create awareness of their brand and they do more than update their fans through facebook & twitter, one example is Safaricom with their King & Queen of facebook and also Sony Ericsson with their new phone giveaway. Of course this is just a drop in the ocean & Kenyan companies can do more.

  2. @Wamathai, its true we are morphing, but the pace could be quickened as social media is easily accessible just requires ingenuity .



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