28 October, 2010

Flush-- Slush Restaurant?

Oops i just did this ! Yes i reviewed a Restaurant for inept service albeit having good goods and by goods i mean food being the main product they sell. Its important for restaurant and Kenyan business to gauge the feedback of their customers lest they feel the heat of new media that is social in nature.If you are a Business owner kindly watch not only the product but the customer satisfaction that your business does sale.With mobile phones hooked on to the internet, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, its important to think of what kind of reputation you are building Digitally;with good cause.

Now back to my post i just flushed of Slush, a nice Indian themed restaurant with nice Indian food with various retail outlets in and around Nairobi.  My particular nasty experience is with its retail outlet at Nairobi 's Kigali Road/Moi Avenue opposite Jamia Mall.Online culinary restaurant reviews is not my forte or usual field of play but this i had to write.

I had a meeting at two P.M, being a Thursday i thought of having something light.After much deliberations especially after having seen a review from a buddy on Foursquare- Slush's maru bhajias with sauce seemed a favourite after muc deliberations. Well the last time i was there my meal was delayed for around 15-20 minutes because of a sloppy waitress, i hoped there would not be a repeat perfomance, but to much dismay it was twice as bad!

I made my order with a request for a drink which came forth with at around 1:20, thirty minutes later the maru bhajias were still on the way coming.I took the menu thought i would order something different only for the waiter to assure me just a minute and i would have my order! Ten minutes later i stood up fuming, paid for the soda and guess what the sloppy lad delayed for another 5 minutes wiping tables until i had to go to the cashier.That notwithstanding there was not even a simple apology.Talk of the non existence of customer service.

Maru bhajias now a foregone histry, lunch hour gone , the poor man with his digestive system rumbling ahead of an expected stormy settlement meeting with clients. The other part of me almost tempting me to litigate.And yes i would not and will not tip for such sloppy service.I Just had to flush Slush (at the least this particular branch)out of my usual fast food joints.Have you had a similar experience with social media you have the power to change things or rather change perceptions.

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