27 July, 2010

Sights and Sounds:The City of Edinburgh !

The City of Edinburgh is absolutely beautiful,green and scenic ! The City is replete with many classic attractions including the old English centurion model utopian castles that are fabulously breathtaking. But Edinburgh has has more to offer !

What things are there to do when visiting Edinburgh or rather what interesting things can one look foward to while in Edinburgh? Consider the following:

The Edinburgh marathon has only recently been classified in the May Edition of the Runners World's Edition as the fastest marathon in the United Kingdom(UK)and one of the 10 most popular races in the region.Mention marathon and Kenyans especilly from the Rift Valley region start to glee.

Apart from the marathon, Edinburgh has alot more to offer; consider the International Edinburgh Festival that is slotted for the 13th August 2010 to 5th September 2010. The festival will feature the best of Scottish culture,Dance, Theatre, Art,Opera, Music, Poetry, food,beer ...etc.Thousands of visitors flock the Island to experience what the event has to offer .The question of where to stay often crops up, however in edinburgh accomodation need not necessarily be an issue.If well moneyed you can choose among the many high class five star hotels in the city or in the alternative opt for the cheaper affordable, Edinburgh apartment accommodation.

Edinburgh also holds its International Film Festival(EIFF) each year which features the best in British Movie productions. This year the movie "moon"directed by Duncan Jones scooped the Michael Powell Award for Best New British Feature Film.Hence the City of Edinburgh is live with many activities that carter for an international audience plus its one of the most green cities in Britain with plush meadows and scenic beaches and all across the nicely rented Edinburgh apartment accommodation

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  1. Hey
    I have heard about the Edinburgh through the friends but not saw any pic of it till today.There should not be any hyperbole if we called it the mini place of heaven in the earth.
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