13 January, 2010

Suggestive Facebook Statuses !

Have you read some Suggestive Facebook Statuses from your female colleagues, friends spouses etc on facebook such as :
  • Bra Colors( Red, Blue Black Yellow)
  • Foot Size eg. 9 Inches, 6 Inches.. etc
  • Season you Prefer: eg Hot and Steamy
  • Hair Styles: i.e if its up, write... ON TOP, if held back: FROM BEHIND
    if its down and at either side of the face, write... SIDE BY SIDE
    if it's long & straight, write... GIVE IT TO ME STRAIGHT
    if its just a complete mess, write... EVERYWHERE N MESSY
    if its natural/curly, write... WILD N KINKY .etc
It has all over suddenly become popular among the increasingly female users of facebook to post these kind of messages with an innocent belief that no harm but "pun" is intended with many people finding it amusing. 

How are the ladies getting to know which status message to post?Well its seems that women are sending each other string e-mails with instructions to post a  suggestive Facebook status  posts/messages so as to leave men guessing and or thinking "dirty thoughts."

However on close scrutiny;without doubt some of these seemingly "interesting", "funny" messages aimed at testing men amount to "obscene jesting ".Well apparently while the issue is a moral one for conservatives and true Christians the new fad is definately a No Go zone(see the scripture Ephesians 5:4) .They are not  simply Jokes but prurient in nature.To deliberately create in another person a sexually suggestive image with full intent in making the person arrive at a wrong conclusion is not just "harmless fun" it is cruel and can result in very negative consequences. It is better to think twice before you leap in this era of social media networking and rapid transmission of information.

At the same time,in the African context some of these things raise eye brows!


    1. Great blog!!!
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      Pablo from Argentina

    2. ..i was wondering. indeed nairobi perspective this is cruel. when i saw pink i thought they were marking breast cancer awareness month, week, day or some bad disease. fun- spend so much time listening to bbc almost anywhere but didn't hear of any breast cancer awareness anything hmm!!

    3. Hey Rafiki, that bra colour thing got me wondering....did it raise any awarness kweli????



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