30 January, 2010

Manchester City Bids 10 Million Euro for Kenyan MacDonald Mariga

Perhaps the hottest news in the Kenyan sports arena is that top English Premier League football sports club Manchester City has bid 10 Million Euro for  the 23 year old Kenyan born Parma Midfielder MacDonald Mariga. If the transfer bid succeeds MacDonald Mariga will be the highest paid Kenyan sportsperson raking a sum of almost 10 Million Kenya Shillings  a week.MacDonald Mariga is part of the 'Golden Boys' League of former students of Nairobi's Kamukunji High School. Among other successful players from that school include Denis Oliech(Photo hereunder) who plays for the french team Auxerre.

News of the imminent MacDonald Mariga's transfer has been well received in Kenya. Unlike Dennis Oliech MacDonald Mariga has always avoided negative limelight with little being reported over his escapades, if any. MacDonald Mariga portrays a more positive  image for emulation from the youth unlike the latter.

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  1. That's good for him and Kenya as whole. Good to hear that Mariga is well behaved.He will inspire many young soccer stars.



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