11 September, 2008

Paul G. Allens MV Tatoosh Docks In Mombasa

Talk about money and a dazzling yatch !....all that is captured by Microsoft co founder Paul G Allens Mv Tatoosh which docked on Monday at Mombasa's old town seafront. The luxury liner estimated to have cost $100 million simply awed the local residents more so because of its heli-pad.The liner features include(Todays Standard Newspaper describes it as a floating hotel) :
  • Five decks;
  • a master suite, a saloon and other rooms on the top deck;
  • a saloon with a French limestone fireplace, a dining area, staterooms and a ladies' powder room on the main deck;
  • a lobster tank;
  • a shaded six-foot (1.8 m) deep swimming pool, located aft on the main deck beneath a full overhang
  • a movie theater;
  • facilities to transport two helicopters on the top two decks;
  • A detached powerboat and sail boat
Paul G Allen is reputed to own a fleet of luxury liners that are simply stunning and for certainty HE LOVES LIFE !In his visit to Mombasa ,alongside his guests ,Mr Allen is said to be venturing into the interior hinterland tourist resorts such as Tsavo East and West National Reserves aboard his helicopter and back to the ship!Nah! he cant just risk driving along our coastal cities and isn't he just loosing out ama?Im sure Mombasa residents are just stunned!


  1. A lobster tank? I see.

    He's missing out! A slow drive along the beach is so awesome that you forget the small issue of potholes.

    Karibu Mombasa all the same Mr. Allen.

  2. Personally i love the white sandy beaches as you head from Nyari to Mtwapa then Malindi...Mr Allen please step out! let NOT FEAR OF INSECURITY OR TERRORRISM STIFFLE YOUR ENJOYMENT OF LIFE after all there are thousands of tourists in the island enjoying themselves without undue concern as we speak!

  3. Very nice place. Kenyan are best in Athletics.



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