03 September, 2008

Google Chrome Browser 2008

The web is much abuzz with Google's Latest Launch the new suprise open source smart browser from Google(still in Beta stage) that makes surfing the web faster, much safer and easierdubbed Google Chrome. You can download the new browser at http://www.google.com/chrome

The new browser is set to give Mozilla Firefox version 3.1 a run for its money! Google chrome is a javascript(i hope ,will now be no longer irrelevant to googles algorithm) V8 such engine with interesting capacities to support various web applications that were not in existence when browsers were first built , including but not limited to:
  • Just like the Google Mobile Android application, Google Chrome is based on, built from the ground up with, open source application framework webkit ; it is intended to be next-generation built for handling Web applications rather than Web pages. It includes Google Gears built-in.
  • Each browser tab gets its own process rather than tabs sharing processes .This will resolve the multiple browser freeze or crash issue and make browsing faster.The rationale behind it is the same as that found in modern operating systems process isolation systems.
  • Each tab has its own URL box, effectively making each tab a browser window
  • Clickingon the Star icon on browser tab bookmarks the site automatically
  • No about:blank pages. The Chrome's defaults to a page featuring the four most used search engines and the user’s nine most visited Web pages.
  • Similar to IE 8, Chrome has an “Incognito” mode to erase browser history when the browser is closed—something Firefox 3 didn’t include.
  • Chrome can be customized so that the toolbar and URL box are hidden and only the webpage is shown on the screen.
  • Chrome features browser extensions allowing it to make hybrid apps similar to Adobe AIR
  • An Opera-like dashboard start page and auto-completion.
  • On the security front, Google Chrome detects that the website you're trying to access will securely transmit data using SSL the background color of the address bar changes to gold & also the 'https' in the URL appears in green for websites with SSL-secured connections established.
  • Chrome sandboxes Webpages, preventing drive-by downloads and installations. It continuously makes contact with Google to update a list of known malware sites in order to warn the user.

For a certainty Google is dead serious as indicated in their latest launch about the distribution systems as they are about operating systems and software applications.For now they are fixing bugs to ensure that when the browser is used the experience will be worthwhile for many years to come!

NB:I JUST TRIED IT OUT AND LOVED IT! The websites look much cooler ,load much faster..theres more to see and for someone like me who uses Entrecard, there is no freezing because of opening many tabs.Google we appreciate your new latest browser!

CAUTION THOUGH:Germans are being discouraged by their security agencies not to use Google Chrome because it indexes and collects vital information about the user,now thats a downturn300x100


  1. I find google chrome a very useful and fast browser as comparing to internet explorer and firefox. One thing which I have noticed on my computer is that as I use internet explorer and firefox to explore web pages my windows slow down as I open more pages but using google chrome it doesn’t happened! my windows performance increased using google's new browser CHROME I LOVE IT!

  2. Google Chrome has taken the right new approach to the web.
    I however see a veiled launch of a platform to run web applications (masquerading as a web browser). The Google Boys have obviously denied this. See http://peternjenga.blogspot.com/2008/09/googles-new-chrome-web-browser.html and http://www.eweek.com/showblog/49387/Googles-Sergey-Brin-Denies-Chrome-is-The-OS-For-Web-Apps/
    Let us wait and see what happens...

  3. I tried it last night and the browser is pretty neat. Especially with that opera like addition. I did have some problems loading it from objectdock.



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