10 October, 2017

Trip to Burg Eltz Castle in Germany !

Burg Eltz Castle Germany

I recently went on a trip to Frankfurt , Germany and first stop was a trip to Burg Eltz Castle more like 2 hours drive from Frankfurt Airport.

We arrived at around 12 o'clock in the morning on Sunday and the place was just opening up in fact ,we were the first guests to arrive but shortly thereafter the place was teeming with tourists and visitors from all around the world! That speaks for it's popularity. There are guided tours in English and German .

The Place is Epic and reminds all humans of the need to conserve your Heritage! Burg Eltz castle is reputed to be over 850 years and yet it is till in good shape thanks to the maintenance of the  castle by the Eltz family through the centuries!
antique tap

 I know i have not written a post for quite a while but this place certainly deserved my hitting the computer Keyboard again. The experience was just memorable and the photo's epic!

The castle is located on a picturesque /scenic hill just after a hike on the woods. I would suggest hiking the  nature trail rather than taking the shuttle. The weather in late August  at around 16 to 20° degrees centigrade, was very accommodating for the hike and the scenery was beautiful !The Castle has an adjacent restaurant and a souvenir store! If you can this place is worth a visit !

Well here i share just some of the  the photos , hope you enjoy a Nairobians trip to Burg Eltz Castle in  Germany!

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