28 April, 2015

Win A Holiday this Labor Day Weekend With Jovago Website !

Is your work taking a toll on you and are in need of a break? Or are you just dreaming of a break in your perfect destination? Well your desire might just be realized this labor day with Jovago.com.

Ever since 1887 when the first labor celebrations were held, the 1st of May has evolved to be the only day of the year when workers are celebrated and work place achievements appreciated. With this year’s May Day celebration falling on a Friday, most people will have a 3 day holiday, from 1st till 3rd May. How are you planning to spend your holiday break?
Even though everyone would wish to spend their labor day holiday by taking a short vacation, several factors including, finances, logistics and unavailable hotel rooms could derail any plans one might have.
Enter Jovago Labor Day Competition
In appreciating the effort and hard work of the Kenyan worker, Jovago is offering workers an opportunity to win an amazing 3 night long weekend in a 4 star hotel of their choice  in Kenya
All you have to do is to:
take a picture of yourself or with your colleagues while at work,
upload your picture to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag  #JovagoMayKenya and also share it with @Jovago.
– Let your friends and family like/comment/share the picture.
If your picture garners lots of likes, comments and shares by 30th April, you should definitely begin packing your holiday bags and prepare for an amazing Labor Day weekend.
Participate now and follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @Jovago_ea in East Africa)!

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