23 September, 2013

Kenya "Westgate Mall Terrorist Attack" Verified information Sources

Unfortunately the internet is awash with misleading information including reputable "foreign News Websites" whose local correspondents are peddling unverified information with intent to "be the first" in breaking out news.This is expected as the whole international attention is now focused on the terrorist attack attributed and claimed by Somali based Al Qaeda linked- Al Shaabab Militia.

For local Kenyan sources that are producing verified information please check up the following twitter handles:-

1.@Joelenku- Kenya's Cabinet Secretary Interior and Co-ordination of National Government
2.@kdfinfo- Kenya Defence forces official Information Channel
3.@InteriorKE -Official handle Ministry of Interior and C-ordination of National Government
4.@IGKimaiyo -personal account of the Inspector General of Kenya Police
5.@NDOCKenya -Kenya National Disaster Operation Centre

However please note that the official news sources from the Government are carrying news with abundant caution as the situation is ongoing and information being given out is measured.However their information may be more credible than speculation fuelled information from international news websites.

Popular Twitter handles being used in Kenya are #Westgate #Westgatesiege and #WeAreOne

Buzzfeed has terrifying photos taken by eyewitnesses at the onset of the attack, but i must warn you the images are uncensored and highly disturbing. JamboNewspot on Facebook is also carrying interesting news items but once again much of it is unverified but may prove useful.The Telegraph has a livefeed coverage on the event which is reliable to some extent.

On the other hand Al Shaabab are issuing their contradictory statements from the Twitter handle @HSM_Press2 which has now been suspended.Its funny how you condemn all issues about the West but use their resources(including their weaponry) to launch their warfare.Terrorism has nothing to do with religious beliefs but hatred!   

I will continue to issue other credible and reliable local information sources.

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