01 July, 2013

Watch 'Verax" -Edward Snowdens Movie on Youtube

Verax is a five minute YouTube make believe movie trying to create conversation that the ex CIA Spy Edward Snowden may have had  with Chinese authorities at the Mira Hotel in Hong Kong.The amateur movie beats hollywood to a high drama movie surrounding the "rogue spy " Edward Snowden and is expected to go viral on the internet.The reality though is that "Verax" rather than satiate curiosity may just create the grounds for major movie on the controversial ex CIA Spy who has exposed Washington and the Obama Administration to major embarrasing diplomatic fiasco both among perceived foes and friends withthe EU expressing shock at the allegations that the USA has been spying on its European Allies and its member states.

However lets face it-spying never died down it went tech after the cold war and all those Countries exclaiming shock have major skeletons in their closets.Its one thing to speak what is amusing to the media and its quite another behind those sealed "secret/intelligence briefings or meetings"that each Country has.Furthermore if a Country has not been doing it,trust me they wish they had!

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