01 October, 2012

Standard Chartered named Best Foreign bank in Kenya

September 28, NAIROBI: Standard Chartered Bank Kenyan Limited, a subsidiary of Standard Chartered Bank PLC, has been named the Best Foreign Bank in Kenya for the year 2012 in the annual EMEA Finance magazine awards.

The bank won the accolade for its client focus and steady management, continued profitability, delivery of credit to the retail and wholesale markets, and supporting local and transnational corporations do business.

Standard Chartered Bank Kenya, Chief Executive Officer Richard Etemesi, said that this recognition was an excellent reflection of the Bank’s strategy of sticking to the basics of banking and delivering on its promise to customers, shareholders, regulators and the community.

“I am delighted that we have won this prestigious award. This is a tribute to the hard work and dedication of our teams across the country and the region. Standard Chartered uniquely combines international expertise and capabilities with deep-rooted local experience, enabling us to deliver market-leading solutions to our customers and clients across Africa. This award demonstrates our huge contribution to the sustainable development of the financial markets in Africa,” he said.

Etemesi said that the bank had over the last few years, pursued a focused agenda.
“We set ourselves ambitious performance goals and have consistently delivered against them. We are therefore very excited by this recognition from EMEA Finance magazine as it is a testament of our dedication to offer unmatched banking services in Kenya. Our focus to doing business in Kenya has always been to build a sustainable business through ethical businesses practices. We had a record year in 2011 and an even better first half performance in 2012, with record growth in income and revenue. Our business held steady against a macro-economic environment that is increasingly challenged,” said Etemesi.

Set against a macro-economic environment that is increasingly challenged, Standard Chartered Bank continued to deliver consistent good returns to its shareholders as a result of a right strategy, a distinctive culture and a strong brand.

“We are focused on delivering for our shareholders, supporting our customers and clients, and making a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work. We are well positioned in some of the fastest-growing segments of our economy. As a Bank, we will continue to benefit from our deep client relationships, our network and a well-capitalized balance sheet,” added Etemesi.
Standard Chartered Bank PLC was also named the Best Foreign bank in Ghana, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe and was voted the best overall bank in Uganda for the fourth year.

The prestigious EMEA Finance magazine awards are globally recognized accolades which celebrate and recognize exemplary performances in the financial sector.

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