25 July, 2012

Kenyan musicians join the Emirates Global Harmony Campaign

The chakacha fame, Them Mushroom, among the top bands selected by Emirates Airline to promote its new brand platform, Hello Tomorrow

Nairobi: July 25th, 2012: John Katana, the band leader of Them Mushroom of the Jambo Bwana fame, is pressing to the new tune in harmony with the rest of his band members as they move to the beat of Emirates Harmony tune in a YouTube video placed online a few weeks ago- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ReZESnkDs4.

Mr. Katana and his band are among the first participants in the world selected by Emirates to participate in the promotion of its musical composition, harmony. Kenya was among the three countries from Africa selected by Emirates to participate in the harmony Musicals besides Egypt and Morocco. From across the world bands/musicians from Korea, Japan, Australia, Ireland, Germany, India, Spain, among others, participated.

“Emirates is a passionate supporter of music and now, we're taking our passion one step further by inviting music fans to help us create a unique musical journey that will showcase the many and varied destinations we serve. It doesn't matter whether you are a professional musician, a keen amateur or just fancy the opportunity to show what you can do with a couple of saucepans and a wooden spoon, we want you to get involved,” said Emirates Vice President for East Africa Khalid Bel Jaflah.

He continued: “Kenya is one of our key markets in African and it is important that the country makes part of our harmony campaign. We would also like to appreciate the cultural disposition and diversity of this country.”

The airline, which launched its new global brand platform Hello Tomorrow on 2nd April 2012, is aiming to strike a chord with music fans around its network by asking them to help create the ultimate musical mash up.

The Harmony Campaign invites participants to interact with recordings by professional musicians playing traditional instruments from around the world, such as the Celtic harp, Taiko drum, Shekere, Oudht, brass, Indian Flute, bagpipe and other world known musical instrument.

“Emirates connects over 120 destinations around the world, each with its own distinct cultural traditions that are constantly being reshaped and re-interpreted as new ideas and influences come into play. As the bridge between these destinations, Emirates is perfectly placed to bring ideas together; and the goal of our Harmony campaign is to achieve this through music,” said Mr. Jaflah.

Visitors to the Harmony Campaign can browse the various instrumental arrangements and mash them up to create different versions of the score. The overall arrangement of the composition has been designed to ensure that all possible instrumental combinations sound perfect together.

Harmony fans can also add their own talents to the mix by recording themselves performing the score on a webcam or microphone and uploading the video or audio files to the Harmony Gallery. Submissions which impress the Emirates judges will be uploaded on to the airline's dedicated YouTube channel.

Once video or audio files have been uploaded to the Harmony microsite, the sender will receive an email containing a link to the video in the Harmony Gallery. From the Gallery, links to the videos can be easily shared via Facebook, Twitter and email.

Them Mushrooms is a musical band from, playing mostly Chakacha, some Benga and also some reggae. They are most famous for the Swahili song Jambo Bwana. In 2009 bandleader John Katana was among four pioneering Kenyan artists given Head of State Commendation awards by President Mwai Kibaki.

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