10 May, 2012

Fundraising Software For Non-Profits

Non profit Organizations are a unique breed among other types of organizations.A priorri ,they are set up to fulfill a certain mandate with no intent of benefiting themselves financially by way of profits.Hence finding cost effective solutions at affordable prices especially with regards to finding a suitable fundraising software is key to financial discipline and success.I have a lot of friends in the non profits and hence would like to share this information on a recent find.

Blackbaud Europe a Division of Blackbaud Inc have no need for introduction as a leading provider for software and other related services especially tailor made for Non profit organizations .As a testimonial in 2008 Blackbaud Europe partnered with the University of Oxford (UK)by offering the Blackbaud Enterprise Enterprise CRM database management software in order to manage its global fund raising campaign seamlessly across the university's different campuses .This was their opinion after a rigorous tendering process:
“We are proud to partner with The University of Oxford,” said Martin Jervis, Blackbaud Europe’s managing director. “A fundraising operation that serves one of the world’s most prestigious institutions and incorporates a collegiate structure results in a highly challenging set of needs. Using Blackbaud Enterprise CRM, the University of Oxford staff members will have a scalable, sophisticated solution that provides them with all the tools needed to successfully manage the complexities of global fundraising.”
“We selected Blackbaud as our partner and Enterprise CRM as the database system, after a thorough international tendering process,because it provides us with a robust and functionally-rich solution for users across the Collegiate University,” said Sue Cunningham, University of Oxford’s Director of Development. “We were in particular need of a
database that could deal with the key requirements of securing and coordinating data, a system large enough to facilitate the needs of our collegiate structure and a strong web presence for alumni and friends.”

For a detailed list of the products and services that Blackbaud does offer as a technology partner please visit their website as provided up above !

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