23 January, 2012

International Criminal Court (ICC) Website is Down

With so many people in Kenya now anticipation the ruling of the International Criminal Court  set to be delivered today 23 January 2012  regarding  the Kenya Post Election Violence case of 2008 involving six prominent personalities ; it is instructive to note that the servers of the ICC are down and that one cannot actually access the website.

I have just tried to open the site but i am being met with an error message..."The Server is Too Busy " and "Service Unavailable" .It is interesting to note that this according to my experience has never happened before despite there having been several international high profile cases at the Hague .The Kenyan situation is generating massive interest internationally perhaps due to the fact that two of the persons in the Ocampo suspects list have declared their interest in running for the Presidency in Kenya after the term of the current President expires (2012-13).In my fair opinion the ICC servers should be capable of handling such traffic as it is a Court of International repute.It reflects badly if the Court servers can actually be brought to a standstill due to a single case before its chambers...what a shame!

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