27 October, 2011

Eki Orleans "SS12 'Nature's Serenity' Fashion collection in Johannesburg"

Here are some fashion model photo shoots from the fashion guru/designer, Hazel Aggrey- Orleans the creative force behind Orleans Designs, a new woman's wear and accessory label .Hazel Aggrey -Orleans is of Nigerian and German descent ,she does some mean West African Inspired "Afro Couture".

This particular collection dubbed the "Eki Orleans " SS12 'Nature's Serenity' collection"was recently showcased during the during the African Fashion Week at the Sandton Hotel ,in Johannesburg, South Africa .The collection was very well received and inspired by the turquoise lakes of Abraka combined with the plumaging of peacock feathers. ,

The designer Hazel Aggrey-Orleans has a love for nature, which comes out in the prints she designs.I will upload more photos as they come from the press agency.

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