23 May, 2011

End of The World -21` May 2011 Harold Camping Fiasco !

It is now clearly apparent that the end of the World (which in itself is a matter of different interpration and subject of immense confusion among the churches of Christendom) is not coming at the behest of a human interpretation.It is just amusing how time and again those claiming belief in the bible openly go against its tenets,moving many to wonder where can you truly get satisfying answers.

I will not question Harold Camping's faith and those of his followers.They have a right to believe whatever they choose to believe just that "it may not be right" like it clearly was .True their doctrine has now shifted to 21st October 2011 being the penultimate date but i pity their cause.I can bet 1 to 100 that they will be terribly dissapointed as serving God with a day in mind is just wrong in itself .Unfortunately that tendency to pre- Judge what God would do and when without scriptural backing often proves disastrous and yields suicidal tendencies.

At least  now that the end of the World did not come to be on 21st May, 2011 as predicted by Harold Camping , the readership of this blog can look forward to more appealing content. I actually received complaints that my blog has taken up to commercialistic content which i will most readily address.But in the meantime i found the above picture dubbed "the rapture machine"most humorous.

The issue is not making fun of peoples faith but to just emphasize that "whether or not one is to go to Heaven or remain here on Earth (2 Peter 3;13) will remain the preserve of God .It does not matter how strong your faith or how long you have maintained the same but that you can only' get there' by Gods will not your own strength.Have a good day .

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