08 January, 2011

Sudan Referendum Vote Monitoring Site 2011

You can now live monitor the voting results and incidents of the Sudan Republic Referendum 2011 poised for Sunday 9th January 2011 at the following website: SUDANVOTE MONITOR , On twitter , bloggers will be using the hashtag #SudanRef #sudanvotes2011 to keep the World abreast on the developments in both North and Southern Sudan in this historic referendum that will determine whether the South will remain or secede from the Northern Sudan.

By and large the referendum in Sudan is expected to be peaceful save for the area of Abyei where a separate referendum may have to be slotted due to volatility and high violence incidence risk due to separate claims of historical pasturage grounds (See this article by Global Issues based on an Al Jazeera News Item) .

This blog will be monitoring the events and keep you updated....

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