09 December, 2010

Kenya WikiLeaks Cables...!!!

 The American Diplomatic cables emanating from the Kenyan US embassy as leaked on Wikileaks  will have a tremendous albeit damaging impact both in terms of foreign relations and domestic politics(what could not be revealed in parliament despite heavy posturing by MP's has found its way to the internet for all eyes to see)

You can now keep updated on the Kenyan Wikileaks Cables(Including a dossier on the drug barons and Ukranian Tanks headed to the Government of Southern Sudan) on  the internet at the following Link:KENYA CABLES(THAT'S BEFORE THE WEBSITE IS SHUTDOWN-TRUST ME IT WILL BE DONE)

For one Wikileaks lend true to the adage "What is done in the dark will be revealed in the light" and "There is no secret where two or more people are involved".The recent arrest of Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange  further compounds the situation on a global scene as first and foremost it shows that America is not what people perceive it to be:a Country where Justice and Freedom reigns supreme. The " Change You can Believe in " was just a stunt!in reality a change in regime but not the nature of the American Government or its covert policies. America remains the America that it has always been - traditionally "CIA  America" poking its nose into everybody's business.

The  belated arrest infact lends credence to the truthfulness of conspiracy theories that all this is an attempt to shut him up. Julian Assange is being charged  with - "one count of unlawful coercion, two counts of sexual molestation and one count of rape," preferred against him in Sweden last August! Being the public profile he is , i highly doubt he would have been the most difficult person to arrest at the might of Interpol.The arrest comes  after his  releasing over a thousand leaked diplomatic cables in late November.So far Wiki leaks has released 1,193 out of 251,287 cables and the World is already steaming hot from its contents.

I pity the American Government for they cannot simply sweep this under the Government nor will the millions perhaps billions of Internet users allow them to do so,As the cables are released ,the content is spiraling at a viral frequency as more websites prop up with the content ashaming Governments and highly influential individuals. Now this is the "Power of Social Media "it can change perceptions and damage not only brands but Governments, superpowers....best beware!

Interestingly what might follow and i am sure is a  Hollywood movie!I bet the Hollywood  movie producers must now be on its tail as perhaps the biggest movie this decade is "The Wiki Leaks Cables heist" .Aside for its entertainment and informative value what this whole fiasco demonstrates is the folly of human rulership ,   modern technology and its inherent deficiencies .

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