22 September, 2010

Kenyan Liza Mucheru Wisner In "The Apprentice Season 10"

 A Kenyan born lady has for the first time made it among the 16 handpicked cast for the Donald Tramp reality TV Series " The Apprentice-Season 10". Wife and mother of two Liza Mucheru Wisner of Corpus Christi Texas will ride the Country's flag high as she demonstrates business acumen, innovativeness and agility in the reality TV show.

Lol, with no pun intended ,ladies from central Kenya often are Business savvy ,its no wonder the first Kenyan to make it to the show hails from the region,we can be certain that she will deliver in the show(...had to include that in this post).As a Country the international media has made it a habit to focus on our downside and weaknesses but as Wangari Mathai,Barrack Obama, David Rudisha, Pamela Jelimo,Liza Mucheru and a bevy of other accomplished Kenyans have proven ,this country is not bereft of talent and positive emoluments.People better recognize.

Season 10 of the American Apprentice show premiered on Thursday September 16, 2010.For a certainty ,this show will receive massive attention and viewership from the Kenyan audience.

You can follow Liza Mucheru on twitter @lizawisner

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